Our inspiring designers have been at it again. Our Liverpool office has a striking new window decal thanks to Dave & Qi and the fine folks at AB ScreenPrint. Here's a little insight into the minds of our designers to see how this came about.

First, a little background. Novoda moved into a new office space in Liverpool with a large public-facing front window. We knew we were moving, but the space hadn't been built yet, so to start with we only had an artist's impression to guide our window design.

In the Baltic creative area in Liverpool there are a number of offices with similar front-facing windows. Many are designed differently to the Novoda office but we wanted to take them all into account with our own design approach, identifying any themes or inspirational ideas that could suit our office.

At this point we got a sneak peek into what our office was going to look like. We were able to take pictures of the space we had to work with and create the vision of our front window design. Although it hadn't yet been glazed, we could see how the four main areas and the contours would fit together.

Drawing on our ideas from the local area, we also did some online research on inspiring or cutting edge office design. We wanted colour in the design and we wanted the window to stand out but also represent who we are and how we work. We liked the idea of using the negative space to enable an image to stand out.

Finally our office (and front window) was complete and we could see it in all its glory. The front window decal was not only important from a branding perspective and creating hte impression of a fun and inviting office, but for health and safety reasons. We need to make sure people don't walk straight into the window without realising it's there.

Our initial ideas involved adapting design elements of our website, using line-based illustrations to signify the technologies we use. We kept the design minimal to ensure as much light as possible would stream into the office, making it bright and vibrant.

After much discussion we realised this design didn't enable us to use much colour. There was also a lack of continuity of the window space, it made each section look like its own and so gave the perception of a smaller office. We wanted bigger, brighter and more colourful.

This second concept came from the idea of using the O from the name Novoda as a giant window into our workplace. Using a cutout circle allowed us to merge all four windows into one space, increasing the sense of size and space. It also meant we could use more colour and utilise the negative space.

We wanted to work with the circle to incorporate some of what makes Novoda unique. As you can see in the three pictures above, we started to think about how we work on different platforms like mobile, wearables, TV and other devices. How could we incorporate these and to what extent?

Although our design says a lot about who we are, it can help to add some text. We wanted to celebrate our use of mobile platforms and be proud of our certifications. We're particularly proud of being one of very few Google Certified Agencies in the world, so we wanted to include a mention of this. We didn't want to overcrowd or add noise to the design so we decided to limit the text on the door, where it would have maximum impact.

We played with a few variations of this text, considering the angle that a person would be reading it from, the distance and height. Our final choice made sure it was legible from both sides of the opposite street at the natural eye line of passersby.

From this final design we created a template and AB ScreenPrint did a great job of putting it together and affixing it the window in one afternoon.

Our final design is bold, beautiful, makes great use of negative space and has a big impact on the street with its colourful blue background and subtle salute to the Novoda logo. It allows a lot of light to come into the office, keeping it bright and airy, whilst conveying who we are and what we do.

Just in case you wanted to see it in action, let's end with a gif. Thanks Joe for being our model :-)