In this age of ubiquitous computing, phones and tablets aren’t the only smart devices that users interact with during the day. Smartwatches give instant access to snippets of news and information to a fast-growing group of tech-savvy users. Read on to see how we brought All 4 to viewers' wrists.

All 4 is the video-on-demand service from Channel 4. Novoda worked with Channel 4 to create the All 4 application for Android, available for tablets and phones, which includes the functionality for users to watch films and TV shows in the app.

One of the most popular features of the Android app is the ability to watch live shows from Channel 4’s stable of channels: Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4 and 4seven.

The screen of a smartwatch is too small to provide a great TV-watching experience, but users can still benefit from quickly accessing information directly from their wrist.

To suit this format, we created an Android Wear application, which displays the TV guide for currently on-air shows.

The design follows the recently updated material design guidelines for Wear 2.0. Our design approach is based on the individual channels’ branding, while incorporating darker colours that support better battery performance.

The navigation is based on a vertical layout, and the user can easily switch between different channels using the new Wear navigation drawer.

For every live programme, the user can quickly read the title, the summary and see the associated image.

Some screenshots of the All 4 Wear app

The new All 4 Wear app is available for smartwatches running both Android Wear 1.x and 2.0.