Recently I was given the opportunity to work on a side project with Alex Styl and another craftsman because Novoda wanted to showcase an Android TV demo to our client.

Firstly, I collected everything I could find about not only Android TV but anything to do with design for big screens including blog posts, videos and guidelines. Unfortunately, I have to say, compared to design resources for tablets and phones, there is very little available for Android TV.

For that reason I decided to create some resources myself! I came up with the idea of an Android TV design template that anyone interested in designing for the big screen could use as a starting point. It’s based on the screenshots from the Android TV Design Guidelines.

Sketch file contains:

  • Browse Lane (Collapse/Expand view)
  • Browse Row
  • Browse Row Scroll Down
  • Grid View
  • Video Player
  • Music Player
  • In App Search


Feel free to download the kit from GitHub or sketchappsources website, use it in your projects, and share it with your coworkers!


An in-depth look at the Leanback Library - Google I/O 2016

UI Patterns for TV

Designing for Android TV

Android TV Guideline

tvOS Human Interface Guidelines