Alex Curran

@ Novoda Berlin
A principle engineer at Novoda who enjoys promoting great code and craftsmanship across iOS and Android.

Playing with Foldables in Android Q

Foldable devices look to be the next big thing in mobile development. How as a developer do you support them; and as a CTO, should you?
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Avoiding primitive obsession in Swift

It’s all too easy to pass information around in your code as strings or ints, but this can soon catch up with you. Swift has a powerful set of protocols to avoid this situation, which can ensure your code is still well-modelled, whilst being easy to write. Ensuring your
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Improving completion blocks in Swift

Swift as a programming language focuses on making APIs descriptive and determinate. Completion blocks are less than perfect — but what is wrong with them, and how can we improve their usage? The completion block is a very familiar pattern in both Objective-C and Swift. It is a useful feature that
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How does remote working... work?

At Novoda, we are really proud of how well we integrate remote working into the normal day-to-day life of app development. It makes syncing with clients easier, and allows us to collaborate with any colleague in any of our offices. So how do we achieve such remote working nirvana? For
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