Ataul Munim

@ Novoda London
Ataul is a Google Developer Expert for Android focusing on inclusive design for mobile platforms and loves facilitating the production of universally usable apps. Also, he watches a lot of movies.

Designing alternative interfaces: a Tweet view with custom actions

The Google+ Android team have been focusing a lot recently on improving TalkBack support. In this post, I'll explain one of my favourite features, custom actions, and how you can implement it. There's a Google+ Accessibility community which the team uses to collect feedback from the users and there's been
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Having Trouble Focusing? A Primer on Focus in Android

Designing for non-touch users means ensuring two things: access and feedback. As always, it's a case of identifying user journeys and making sure they are achievable by your target users. A totally accessible app should allow non-touchscreen users to access all information and controls that a touchscreen user can access.
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Designing Android Apps For Vision Impaired Users

Making your app suitable for vision impaired users is part of a larger topic on developing accessible apps. Although Android isn't as well regarded as iOS for its support of non-sighted users, over the last few years it has drastically improved. Developing a fully accessible app is hard, mostly because
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Collapsing AppBarLayout on Android TV

CoordinatorLayout has really made it easy to perform animations for elements that are dependent on one another, but not all of the behaviours work out of the box for Android TV. There are some compelling use cases for CoordinatorLayout - Behaviors are a neat (as in "neat-o") way
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Wutson: Exploring Design And Development Workflows

At this month's Londroid, Qi and I presented Wutson - an app we've been working on since the start of this year. We share our workflow describing how we worked together, which tools we find most valuable, and tips for improving the dev-design process. Wutson is your own personal TV
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Maintaining String Resources with Translation in Mind

Translation and localization is a vital part of any growing app. It is, however, time-consuming—often being carried out in disjointed phases and as such it’s all too often left until the last minute. If you’re not managing your String resources with this fact in mind, you could
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Novoda in Italy: ESA AppCamp 2014

One month on, we look back to September when Novoda were selected to join four other teams at ESRIN in Italy to take part in the third annual ESA App Camp. The European Space Agency (ESA) created the first AppCamp in 2012, inviting researchers and developers from all over Europe
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