Berta Devant (IOS Developer)

@ Novoda Barcelona
Berta is an IOS developer, swift ❤️ and director of Women Who Code Barcelona. She loves learning how things work, using technology to build products 🤖 and good ☕️.

The ultimate guide to AR Design, ARKit, CoreML and more!

Over the course of a few months, various people at Novoda have experimented with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image Recognition and more. We've written a lot about these topics and wanted to gather all our blog posts in one place for your ease!
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Getting Started with ARKit

Apple’s newest API, ARKit, makes the exciting world of Augmented Reality available to every iOS developer, but where do you get started? Come with us on an Augmented Reality journey to build an AR solar system and learn how to make your first ARKit application.
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ADDConf: Two disciplines, two locations, one talk

Last week we were invited to speak at ADDConf in Barcelona, Spain. ADDC, the App Design and Development Conference, aims to create an opportunity for mobile designers and developers to meet, find new ways to work together and get inspired in an open, inclusive and collaborative space. At Novoda we
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try!Swift Japan - Part 2

At the beginning of March I had the pleasure of attending try!Swift Tokyo 2018 in Japan ⛩. Read more to get some notes on our favourite talks!
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try!Swift Japan - Part 1

At the beginning of March I had the pleasure of attending try!Swift Tokyo 2018 in Japan ⛩. If you have never attended a try!Swift, they are an immersive community gathering with curated talks by the organizer and top of the line workshops the days before and after the conferences.
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Wine, cheese and code: what dotSwift taught us about remote working and team bonding

On 29th of January, the entire Novoda iOS team attended the dotSwift conference in Paris, France. We came from Berlin, London, Liverpool and Barcelona to spend a weekend there, both to learn and meet other developers, and to spend some much needed bonding time together. dotSwift is the IOS part
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Making AR more precise with CoreML

ARKit allows you to create and play with augmented realities, creating a new way for users to interact with digital content and the world around them. But what if you could have your model not only augment reality but also interact with and react to the changes around itself? Placing
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