Chris Basha

@ Novoda London
Chris is... mainly a Product Designer at Novoda, but sometimes people see him opening pull requests on various projects, so nobody is even sure anymore.

Organising icons in design systems

The design team at Novoda has been dabbling with Design Systems in Sketch lately. Design Systems work as a unique source of truth for every imaginable component of an app’s interface and are quickly becoming an essential part of UI design as they allow easy management and maintainability of
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ADDConf: Two disciplines, two locations, one talk

Last week we were invited to speak at ADDConf in Barcelona, Spain. ADDC, the App Design and Development Conference, aims to create an opportunity for mobile designers and developers to meet, find new ways to work together and get inspired in an open, inclusive and collaborative space. At Novoda we
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Designing for AR with ARKit

At Novoda we’ve been playing around with Apple’s ARKit features, and we had tons of fun building demos with it, even though a few colleagues were wondering why we were walking around holding our phones up. Now we want to share our findings with you. This post is
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Whole Lottie Love

I have to admit, when Lottie was initially announced by Airbnb I didn’t pay too much attention. I just skimmed the Github page without realising its true potential. Fast forward a few months to a project where we had to implement a hero animation in an app and Lottie
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