Daniele Bonaldo (Android, Wearables and IoT GDE)

@ Novoda Italy
Daniele is the local horologist at Novoda. GDE for wearable technologies and IoT, he likes to experiment with the whole Android ecosystem, from AOSP to Google Cast and Android TV.

The (re)making of a Download Manager

We created our improved version of the Download Manager, allowing Android developers to add customisable download functionality to their apps.
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We went to Google I/O 2018, here's what we are excited about

As every year, a selection of Novoda team members headed to Shoreline Amphitheatre last week for Google I/O 2018. They attended sessions, talked to Googlers about our clients' problems and needs. Here's what they found exciting.
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Use cases for wearables

Android Wear 2.0 is focused on bringing standalone apps on smartwatches, but that does not invalidate the key principles that should be followed when designing wearable applications: glanceability and micro user interactions. Glanceability is still the key when presenting data to the user in the small screen of a
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All 4 on your wrist

In this age of ubiquitous computing, phones and tablets aren’t the only smart devices that users interact with during the day. Smartwatches give instant access to snippets of news and information to a fast-growing group of tech-savvy users. Read on to see how we brought All 4 to viewers'
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Android Wear packaging

Android Wear 2.0 will be released to the public in 2017, but at the moment there are a lot of smartwatches still running Wear 1.x and for a big part of them there is no guarantee at all that they will receive the update. For this reason it's
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New pipelines in our CI

Working with Agile, one of the most important tools we work with is a Continuous Integration (CI) system. This allows us to automate most of the tasks which follow a change in a project codebase, from testing to static analysis, including automatic deployment. At Novoda we use Jenkins for all
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Mirror, Smart Mirror on the wall…

Smart mirrors come from the idea of bringing technology into every-day, not-so-smart objects: the traditional mirrors. Turned off, it just reflects the image of the person in front of it, but when turned on, more useful information can be seen as an overlay on the reflected image. Let’s have
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Happier Holidays

Last week our amazing designer Qi released a beautiful wallpaper as an happy holiday season wish from Novoda. While the picture looks great on both desktops and phones, the Android framework gives us developers the opportunity to create something even more captivating and I started playing a bit with live
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Improve Your Cast

Google Cast is a technology that allows Android, iOS apps and Chrome web apps to cast video, audio, and screen sharing to Cast-ready devices, like the Chromecast or the ones running Android TV. An obvious use case for such a technology is to allow the user to cast films from
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