David Gattig

@ Novoda
Product Owner at Novoda with a record of bringing high-value products to life in a range of consumer and enterprise settings from startups to Global 500 companies.

How to make innovation labs succeed

Companies struggle to stay innovative and are building innovation labs to help. 90% of them fail. Here are 5 rules to make innovation work.
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3 Steps to make your app more magical

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. How can you make your own app experience more magical?
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What can product leaders learn from Napoleon’s Grande Armée?

The way Napoleon Bonaparte managed to lead and change the French army into the seemingly unstoppable Grande Armée holds valuable lessons for today's product leaders.
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Why no one reads your app copy.

Your users won’t read most of the copy you have in your app. We outlined the 3 most common reasons why this happens and what you can do to make every word count.
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Do you focus on the wrong product problem?

Several years ago, McDonald's decided to increase their milkshake sales. Initially without effect. Let us look at how McDonald's managed to turn it around and what you can learn from this story.
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