Denis Akan

@ Novoda London
Denis is a Product Owner at Novoda. He fills products with a vision and aligns objectives with features while ensuring a smooth development process. In his spare time he enjoys kitesurfing and hiking.

How we use Firebase to optimise CCleaner

As a Google-certified agency, Novoda is fortunate to have a close working relationship with Google and get early access to their new technologies. When they approached us in 2016 to see if we would like to collaborate on a case study for their developer blog about our use of Firebase,
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Downloading apps is emojinal 🚀 - a simple hack to get more downloads

People ❤️️ emojis. They are a quick and easy way to express a mood, feeling or reaction via chat apps, social media and email. Now Hollywood is even making an Emoji Movie where Patrick Stewart plays 💩. In the last couple of years marketers have started using these smiley faces in email
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6 tips to improve your app store listing and get more downloads

With over 4.5 million apps across Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, app store optimisation (ASO) is increasingly important to help your apps get discovered. In such a competitive environment it’s essential that you present your app in the most effective way to optimise your
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Asking for app feedback — the effective way

We’ve all been there: In the midst of using an app a dialogue pops up asking us to stop everything we are doing and to leave a review on the Play Store. This interruption is not only annoying but also not very effective as most people will simply dismiss
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