Dimitris Karavias

@ Novoda London
Client Services at Novoda. Previously a QA Automation Engineer. Always excited to learn how things work- or don't!

The ultimate guide to AR Design, ARKit, CoreML and more!

Over the course of a few months, various people at Novoda have experimented with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image Recognition and more. We've written a lot about these topics and wanted to gather all our blog posts in one place for your ease!
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QA Testing Myths

While we are interested in what QA is, we thought it would be fun to list what we think it is not.
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What IS real? Augmented Reality Testing with ARKit

AR has been one of the up and coming technologies of the last few years, already known as the amazing tech behind Pokémon Go, Snapchat's animated emojis, and Instagram's 3D stickers. Let’s walk through the unique challenges it presents to QA and the testing process. Introduction AR was one
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