Florian Mierzejewski

@ Novoda Berlin
Developer, Photographer, and well... French. Converting caffeine into great products @Novoda. Minimalism is my thing.

Writing a dialogflow bot

The idea was to try to build a chat bot and see how far we can get in a week and a half. Let's see what we did, how, where we got blocked and what are the lessons we learned along the way. Spoiler alert: we went pretty far. Some
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Custom authentication with Amazon Cognito and Firebase

As developers, we are always trying to move our technology knowledge forward and at Novoda, we are especially interested in BFF (backend for frontend) solutions to have some abilities on the "backend in the cloud" front. In this blog post we investigate one of the main points of
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Top 3 Android Studio shortcuts - Flo

Everyone likes to increase their productivity and everyone has their own favourite productivity hacks, but not everyone agrees! In this blog, Florian will talk about his top three Android Studio shortcuts and how they're better than the rest. Surround with Ctrl + Alt + T Surround a statement or a code block
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