Francesco Pontillo

@ Novoda London, UK
Francesco, publicly an Android developer at Novoda, is an undercover multi technologist who likes to hack with all kinds of systems and watches too many TV shows. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

Onboard your users with Lottie of Spritz

Creating an onboarding for your app can get slightly tricky when combining Lottie with a ViewPager. What if we could get rid of all the nuances and just import an animation, drop some configuration settings and enjoy life? In our previous "Whole Lottie Love" blog post, Chris Basha
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Everything Assistant at Google Developer Days 2017

The latest Google Developer Days conference was held in Krakow on 5th and 6th of September 2017, where Google announced the latest news for Google Assistant developers. This post aggregates all that information for you and helps explain how to build your perfect action. Contextual understanding If you currently trigger
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Android/iOS cross-platform project setup

Is there a good way of setting up a cross-platform Android and iOS project? How can we help developers from different backgrounds contribute as much as possible on other technologies they’re not familiar with? What is the “least effort, maximum gain” set of tools we can use to achieve
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Github Data Mining: 101

This blog post will outline how Novoda mines organisation data from our Github projects, talk about the data mining architecture we thought of, helping you understand the Github API and improve the visibility of your organisation data. Here at Novoda, we are proud to say that all decisions we take
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