Juanky Soriano

@ Novoda London
Software Craftsman at Novoda passionate about Android Development, Open Source and Generative Arts.

Git commands for code detectives

Have you ever had to understand a codebase where the lack of documentation reached all levels? From the absolute absence of a wiki to completely cryptic file names or meaningless code change commit messages, the only saving grace being Git version control. This happened to me recently and I had
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A story about XML parsing on Android

I remember one of the first tasks I paired on when I first joined Novoda. We were rewriting an Android legacy application but the rewrite conserved some of the old services. In this post I will describe the journey we took to deep dive, evaluate and craft this code to
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Introduction to SimpleChromeCustomTabs

Before August 2015, when an application had to open third party content hosted on a website, developers options were limited to open the content in a external browser or using a WebView. This was apparently enough, but after a time developers started feeling that the options were insufficient. In one
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