Kathleen Bright (Scrum Master)

@ Novoda London
Kathleen does what's needed to help teams work effectively together. They're a writer, facilitator & wellbeing enthusiast. They enjoy plant based nutrition, herbal teas & Liberating Structures.

Delivering outcomes with distributed teams using Liberating Structures

By using Liberating Structures you can learn how to identify and mitigate risk, effectively measure progress and demonstrate value for a distributed team. And run effective workshops, with a flexible design and toolkit.
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Metrics, Management & Revolution: Insights from Agile Cambridge 2017

Before I set foot in Cambridge last week, I made a note of which sessions I was most looking forward to at Agile Cambridge 2017. Here’s what I thought of them… The Metrics You Should Use But Don’t by Cat Swetel, a case study We’ve been getting
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It’s playtime: can you learn about agile concepts and have fun in an hour or two?

We played a few games in our Barcelona office to reinforce and explain some agile concepts. It really helped our learning, and was a lot of fun. Why not try them out and see if they help you too? For us it was an effective way of demonstrating the importance
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