Kevin McDonagh

@ Novoda @kevinmcdonagh London / Berlin / NYC
CEO @ Novoda developing the world's most desirable mobile products. Kevin has developed for print, web, desktops and mobile and can confirm that they all take a long time to do right.

Apps for Hotel Managers and Cleaning Teams

The three biggest challenges of the cleaning industry are quality, motivation and high employee turnover of staff. So how are Apps and IOT technologies helping in these challenges?
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Shopping Hauls @ Omni-a-Porter

Online-only retailers used to be at a disadvantage to bricks and mortar (B&M) stores, as actually trying on clothes has steadfastly remained the preferred shopping experience. But through convenience and familiarity of online shopping, the distinct advantage of physical stores is slowly fading. Unconstrained by footfall at store
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The Novoda logo

XP, Agile and ambition are the founding principles of Novoda. Eight years ago we were certain and remain convinced that all three are required to deliver the products of the future. We are a passionate team who practice Software Craftsmanship and experiment with extending the notions of XP into workplace
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Google Agency Certified

Novoda are proud to be one of four agencies in Europe to achieve Google certification for development agencies! In a world of design & development partners how do Novoda teams stand out? Since 2008 we have encouraged some of the world’s most active development communities such as Londroid, Droidcon
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China: Apps & Online

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I have started wading into the unfamiliar and disorientating digital territories of Chinese websites and apps. Previously I took for granted how much I've learned through casually clicking links but a lack of Chinese language understanding really hinders even casual browsing. Google Translations are cryptic
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Droidcon 2015

#DroidconUK15 was a grand boiling pot for the liveliest conversations in Android design & development. We look forward to the annual gathering of the best creators from across the globe discussing and disagreeing in the aim of making better mobile products. Conference Talks Ever opinionated, Novoda were there in numbers
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Wormholes and Chromebox for Meetings

Frequent and open communication is core to Novoda’s culture. Hipchat is great for the majority of day to day chatter but you can’t beat good old face-to-face speaking. This doesn’t mean endless meetings—in fact, our process recognises only three important meetings: daily standups, fortnightly sprint planning,
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Transitioning to Material Design

Android L (5.0) is the first time since the original release where Google have shared lots of info and tools before launching into the commercial market. This is an ideal opportunity for products, developers and designers to prepare transitioning to the latest updates. Material design is an evolution. It
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Arte Mobile Relaunch with Novoda, nxtbgthng & GOOD

Novoda are contributing to Berlin’s bubbling tech scene by currently building a new office in Mitte. We are excited to share one of our first Berlin based projects which is also a European partnership marrying the best of native development for both Android and iOS. ARTE viewers can look
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