Luis G. Valle

@ Novoda London
Sprint Board Guardian and Project Happiness Keeper. Dog walker, husband and enthusiastic sci-fi reader.

Take control of your backend with Firebase Cloud Functions (II)

Use Firebase Realtime Database to implement an easy yet powerful API cache for your mobile apps. In the previous post, we learned how to use Firebase Cloud Functions to clean up a backend response and make it more mobile friendly. In this post, we are going to show how to
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Take control of your backend with Firebase Cloud Functions

As a software engineer building Android apps, I inevitably run into problems with server API’s not designed with mobile clients in mind. In this post I’ll explain how we can use Firebase Cloud Functions to clean up and transform those API’s responses before they reach our app.
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I/O '17 - What’s new in Firebase

Great times are coming for Firebase. It was the subject of 25 talks at the recent Google I/O '17 event. So, what's new? This is a quick bullet point summary of all the new stuff already available or coming in the next few weeks: Fabric Crashlytics is going to
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Testing persistence in the Android ecosystem

Growing Object-Oriented Software: Guided by Tests is the best book I’ve ever read about testing. Because it’s not about testing. Yes, the book talks a lot about clean and readable tests. But tests are just a tool to guide you to create good object oriented software. The authors
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Refactoring: Introduce Parameter Object

˝Refactoring is a controlled technique for improving the design of an existing code base” — Martin Fowler. Discipline and methodology are critical when refactoring. We should refactor applying a series of small controlled steps. After each of these steps our tests should still be green. This way, if we break something
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