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Novoda has a reputation of building the most desirable apps for Android and iOS. We believe living and sharing a hack-and-tell culture is one way to maintain top-shelf quality.

The (re)making of a Download Manager

We created our improved version of the Download Manager, allowing Android developers to add customisable download functionality to their apps.
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Tech For Good: How individuals and the industry can drive positive social change

When your job doesn’t appear to have any immediately world-changing effect, it can be easy to feel powerless in an increasingly complex world. But everyone has the potential to do good for their community and beyond, and working in technology, that’s particularly true. At Novoda, we’ve believed
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WWDC 2018 Recap: what did Novoda think?

June has come around again, so for iOS developers this means one of the most exciting events of the year — Apple’s developer conference, WWDC! For the lucky ones that get to go to San Jose, it’s an opportunity to meet up with old friends, make new ones, and
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Documentation Deep Dive: How we updated Flutter for iOS Developers

One of the great things about working at Novoda is that we often get to use the expertise we’ve gained to help the wider developer community. Sometimes that takes the form of attending meet-ups and speaking to other developers, while at others, it becomes something more formalised. Last month
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What today's retailers need to do to survive

Novoda hosted a retail roundtable dinner. Held at the Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, the event gathered a group of senior retailers from some of the biggest and best known names on the High Street to discuss the challenges and trends in retail. Here, we share the insights.
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Community in action

For the team here at novoda, a community is more than just a collection of people - it’s about sharing, whether that’s interests, knowledge or a common goal. That’s why shared learning is something that makes up part of almost every day. Team members regularly hold their
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Android Testing - Google I/O 2018 - What's new? - Part 1

Among almost 200 talks from the Google I/O 2018 that are an amazing source of knowledge I have selected ones that are related to testing. Put some time aside and check out Google’s latest offerings in the Android Testing space. Bart Ziemba Mobile Software Tester / QA Pre-launch testing
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TestBash Brighton 2018

On the 16th of March part of the Novoda QA team - Bart, Jonathan and Sven - went to the TestBash conference in Brighton. It was our first time attending TestBash organised by Ministry Of Testing and we would like to share our thoughts on the talks and activities we
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We went to Google I/O 2018, here's what we are excited about

As every year, a selection of Novoda team members headed to Shoreline Amphitheatre last week for Google I/O 2018. They attended sessions, talked to Googlers about our clients' problems and needs. Here's what they found exciting.
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