Christian Panadero

@ Novoda London
Software craftsman at @novoda, currently focused on Android. Spaniard living in London.

Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android (Pt. 3)

In the previous post, we wrote the acceptance test as a first step and started creating the most external classes of our implementation. In this post, we will finish implementing the system, and will summarize what we have learnt during the process. To finish the BankAccount class, we need to
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Approaching Outside-in TDD on Android (Pt. 2)

In the previous post, we introduced the Bank kata. We explained how we are going to implement it in Android, reviewed the different kinds of tests that we use in Outside-in and transformed a user story into a bunch of acceptance criteria. In this second post, we will focus more
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Approaching TDD Outside-in on Android (Pt. 1)

An Outside-in Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be a challenge to implement. In this 3-part post series, we would like to share our experiences applying it to Android development and offer some practical tips for doing so yourself. In this first post of the series we will introduce the necessary concepts
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