Xavi Rigau

@ Novoda Barcelona, Spain
I do Android and other things @Novoda

IoT at Liverpool Makefest 2018

We participated with a stand at the 2018 event and built an immersive Internet of Things gaming experience to try and engage those attending and learn more about Redux, Firebase and Android Things for ourselves. So here's our review on what we did and what we learnt.
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Introduction to Redux in Flutter

Redux is a unidirectional data flow architecture that makes it easy to develop, maintain and test applications. In this post I'll explain how you can start writing mobile apps with Flutter using the Redux architecture.
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Testing your first Android Things driver

Controlling any peripheral device from an Android Things board requires a driver. If no driver is available it's down to you to write your own. Once that's written, how do you know it will keep working? You need to test it. Let’s take a look at unit testing for
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Writing your first Android Things driver

Android Things is a lightweight version of the Android operating system that can be installed on IoT-focused devices. Android Things includes 'user drivers' functionality, enabling developers to easily control a wide range of peripherals (LEDs, switches, buttons, servo motors etc). Let’s take a look at what it takes to
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Top 3 Android Studio shortcuts - Xavi

Everyone likes to increase their productivity and everyone has their own favourite productivity hacks, but not everyone agrees! In this blog, Xavi Rigau will talk about his top three Android Studio shortcuts and how they're better than the rest. First of all let me start saying that I like having
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