For the team here at novoda, a community is more than just a collection of people - it’s about sharing, whether that’s interests, knowledge or a common goal. That’s why shared learning is something that makes up part of almost every day. Team members regularly hold their own lunchtime ‘Hack and Tells’ to share whatever they’ve most recently learned, be it a new Apple/Google product or a How To session on combating burnout. We even have our own education programme - the Novoda Craft University - which all our engineers learn and then graduate from.


We’ve also learnt that knowledge-sharing works best when it extends beyond just novodians, which is why we run or help run meet-ups around Europe - from Design Lab Berlin, to Barcelona’s Women Who Code, to Londroid, which is now the 3rd largest Android meet-up globally.

You’ll also find us regularly attend conferences around the world. They provide an unmatched chance to spend an intense few days learning and speaking to others who are as passionate as us about app development, so are always worth the journey. That’s something that iOS engineer, Berta Devant, enjoyed when she wrote about her try!swift Japan experience, and her Parisian dotswift visit.


So, with all that focus on community, we knew that when we opened our second UK office, in Liverpool, we wanted to make it a priority to not just have a physical presence in the city, but to give something back to the community we were joining. We were keen to help both current and budding engineers, designers and coders to develop their skills, and volunteer our time, space and expertise wherever it was needed.

Here’s just a couple of community projects that we recently got involved with and invested in...



DoESLiverpool is an active community of makers, designers, coders, engineers, and many others, who together make up one of the most dynamic groups in Liverpool.

Having been founded in 2011, they were on the hunt for new premises, to accommodate their ever growing number of members. They found the perfect spot at Tapestry - a warehouse in the newly minted Fabric District (the city’s regeneration means that companies have a wealth of industrial warehouses that can be turned into digital hubs).


When they created a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary money, we quickly volunteered to part-fund the project. We got to know about their mission after meeting them at GDG Liverpool, and taking advantage of their old DoESLiverpool space and equipment when we wanted to make something for MakeFest Liverpool.

Today, they’re fully funded, and in the process of making the move - and we can’t wait to work with them to run training sessions, host events and support the talent that makes up the DoESLiverpool community.

Design Club


We also got the chance to support the next generation of designers, through the brand new Design Club. Founded in 2017, they’re focused on teaching young people design thinking as a life skill. As well as the creative side, this include soft skills, like collaboration, empathy and problem-solving. Volunteer-run, it’s in answer to the lack of educational opportunities for budding designers (design has recently fallen out of fashion in education, often in favour of coding).

Again, this presented us with a fantastic opportunity to deliver on our community promise. With novoda’s commitment to education and supporting future generations, how could we not become founding partner in this exciting and badly needed educational resource?

Work has just begun with Design Club, but we are excited to work with them to build educational resources, host workshops and get involved with mentorship programs.


We’ve seen so many benefits to supporting our local community (both geographically or based around similar interests), and can’t recommend it highly enough. And it doesn’t have to be a financial commitment - community groups are often looking for volunteers, speakers and even space to meet. Whatever form your support takes, it’s likely to be very warmly received - and is guaranteed to give you a warm glow, too!

And if you’re interesting in more information around our communities and events you can email us direct on