Customising usage hints for Android TalkBack

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In this post, you'll discover how to provide usage hints for visually impaired users and customise built-in ones to suit your app.

TalkBack offers a set of usage hints which are read aloud on actionable Views. An action could be something as simple as a click or a long-click.

Consider the View below (previously seen in an earlier post), which has three inline actions, "reply", "retweet" and "like".

screenshot of simple view with three buttons: reply, retweet and like

For users with TalkBack enabled, the inline actions are disabled and hidden.

screenshot of simple view with the three buttons hidden

Instead, we provide a dialog (containing these actions) which will open when they click the View.

screenshot of simple view with dialog overlay, titled "tweet options". dialog contains 4 actions: "open detail", "reply", "retweet", and "like"

When the user long-clicks the View, it will trigger the "like" action.

On TalkBack, clicking is achieved by double-tapping the screen while the View is selected. Long-clicking is achieved with a double-tap and hold. TalkBack will announce these as available actions after reading the View's content description.

gif showing usage hints being read aloud after the content description of the view: "Mr Fox, Something witty... Double-tap to activate. Double-tap and hold to long press."

You can customise this usage hint so it's a bit more explicit than "activate" or "long press" by overriding the label for the click and long click actions.

class BetterLabelsDelegate extends AccessibilityDelegateCompat {

    public void onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(View host, AccessibilityNodeInfoCompat info) {
        super.onInitializeAccessibilityNodeInfo(host, info);

        AccessibilityActionCompat click = new AccessibilityActionCompat(AccessibilityNodeInfo.ACTION_CLICK, "Select an action");
        AccessibilityActionCompat longClick = new AccessibilityActionCompat(AccessibilityNodeInfo.ACTION_LONG_CLICK, "Like");




// where you create your View / where you bind it if your custom labels are dependent on the data being bound
ViewCompat.setAccessibilityDelegate(yourTweetView, new BetterLabelsDelegate());

And here's the result:

gif showing custom usage hints being read aloud after the content description of the view: "Mr Fox, Something witty... Double-tap to Select an action. Double-tap and hold to Like.

There were a few bugs around this prior to TalkBack v5.0.2:

  • overriding the label for click and long-click would also remove the gesture portion of the text
  • the usage hint would only be read aloud if the View was selected using a "next" or "previous" gesture

but these have since been fixed.

Give it a go and, as always, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to reach out!

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