#DroidconUK15 was a grand boiling pot for the liveliest conversations in Android design & development. We look forward to the annual gathering of the best creators from across the globe discussing and disagreeing in the aim of making better mobile products.

Leonie talks

Conference Talks

Ever opinionated, Novoda were there in numbers this year. Did you attend our talks? If not you can catch up on the videos stored on Skillsmatter:

Atual making a point

Novoda booth

We're always looking to innovate in how we appear at conferences and this time we brought our Continuous Integration! We had a CI wall with a host of different devices which were building demos submitted to branches on a repository on our public github account. We offered a prize to whoever committed the best visualisation to be committed, compiled and plated live live on our booth CI devices during Droidcon. Well done to all those that submitted you can see them all here: github pull requests. Here are some of our key picks:


Novoda's winner of the CI Booth demo competition
is clearly Memeify for bringing us such meme joy!

Well done! We are sending you a Nexus 5!

Novoda chats

Chet talk

Luis Flying

Sky punch

Audi Android Auto


A hackathon continued in Skillsmatter over the weekend. We had some great submissions including multi device Halloween pranks, in-car navigation games, photo rendering libraries, customer rewards schemes and games. But the one which really captured our hearts was the NFC Piano by Avelyn Goh. Avelyn wowed us with not only her innovative use of Moo's NFC Cards but also her tinkering to get the feedback just right for use. Novoda said well done by awarding her with a Nexus 5x!

Novoda's hackathon pick:
NFC Piano by Avelyn Goh

Props to Skillsmatter for all the photos in this article and you can see the full album of Droidcon photos over on their Flickr account here.

Droidcon perspective