Droidcon London is the biggest and best Android conference of the year. You have knowledgeable speakers, enthusiastic people, engaged sponsors and worthy competitions. Novoda goes to Droidcon London every year and this year we wanted to give back a little of our experience, sharing some of our best moments with you.

‘Be together, not the same’" presented by Anastasia Lopez and Romain Piel is the talk that surprised me. This talk repositioned the human in the center of the software industry and insist about the importance of the diversity on software companies. They redefine in a brilliant and enthusiastic way the sense of community.


One of my favourite talks was Romain Piel’s ‘Hypothesis-driven development on Android’, where he emphasised how important it is everyone from development to product teams to experiment through A/B testing and getting to know their user in order to iterate faster and be more productive and efficient


An amazing conference even for an iOS developer’s point of view, I enjoyed great talks such as “Did You Test It?” presented by Derek Rozycki and Kirk Chambers. As an iOS developer, I highly recommend you attend a conference that diverges from what you do everyday, in order to observe differences and similarities, which is definitely an valuable experience.


The Novoda stand this year tried to have a relaxed and inviting vibe to it. We had our CI wall up showing a range of devices running a set of acceptance tests that were open source and anyone could contribute to. Two examples being: a test that showed random images of bacon and a test that displayed the green moving text of the matrix. In the middle of our stand was a MarioKart tournament (we’re big fans) that was open for anyone to come play. To the left of the stand was a retro, two player arcade gaming unit. The Novoda stand also had a competition for writing postcards to someone who couldn’t make it to droidcon. The prize was one of the amazing SOLID posters created by Qi Qu.

'The best thing about Droidcon is the community coming together. Every year it’s like a family reunion, catching up with old friends, making new ones and sharing our knowledge.'


A big thank you to all the speakers this year! The calibre of the talks was really high and everyone we have been getting feedback from gained a lot and found something interesting they could learn from or relate to. Thanks for taking the time to submit and the time out to deliver your talks.

A big thank you to all the sponsors. Without sponsors a bunch of talks is only half an event. It’s great to see the diversity and interests that the sponsors have, and as always what makes a great sponsor stand is a great competition. (Big shout out to Amazon who gave away 40 Fire TV sticks!)

Jose Alcérreca (Google) and David González (GDE) presented Android Architecture Blueprints, a project featuring a collection of app architecture samples.
The project contains an pretty common to-do app implemented using different architecture approaches, which could help comparing them and making the decision on which one to use on your next project.

Luis Valle

A great event, with many opportunities. My personal favourite & most beneficial part of the conference was meeting developers & industry related professionals that had travelled from across the globe to be at the conference. Stretching from Denver USA to Norway, we got to explore the Android world under one roof.

Natalie Harman

I especially enjoyed Huyen Tue Dao's 'A New View', a reassuring introduction to ConstraintLayout, and Kelly Shuster’s 'Android is for Everyone', in which she created a compelling narrative for inclusive design


I thought the lightning talks where a really good idea, they were 3 x 15 minute slots. You can’t go too indepth in 15 minutes but it’s good way to have an intro to something. For me the lightning talk “iOS for Android devs” given by Daryl Bayliss was an eye opener for how much the two platforms share in terms of ideas for development and gave me a strange feeling that they are converging...


Droidcon London is a great event for learning but also a great event for meeting other developers and other people in the industry. If we have one final thought it’s to always remember to attend at least one after hours event. Some of the best conversations happen in the social events that happen on the Wednesday before, the Thursday night of, and the Friday night after Droidcon. See you next year!