Design Lab Berlin and London, Novoda’s community Meetups, attended by some of the very best UI/UX product designers, had a colourful month. This June we had seriously inspiring industry experts, with decades of experience, cover hot topics and answer your questions.

This article shares these resources with you, covering:

  • Succeeding in design team leadership
  • Keeping design consistency in agile environments
  • Getting your team onboard with inclusive design
  • Designing for the voice interface
  • Designing without analytics

‘I really love Design Lab Meetup. It’s my favourite maker community. Folks are friendly and welcoming, especially with first time speakers and attendees.’ - Ataul Munim, Android Developer

Berlin Design Lab hosted by Volkswagen Digital Labs

Berlin blew us out of the water with experience! Our speakers had over twenty years of experience in the Product Design industry between them and their wisdom was a great hit with Design Labbers.


Succeeding in design team leadership

Working in a design team is not always easy. Would you agree? For a product to succeed it needs balance, direction and speed of execution. In startups, a UX designer has more freedom and flexibility but speed without communication can create imbalance or misdirection. Corporations, on the other hand have solid structures and processes ensuring balance and direction, but they lack speed. Marin Metohu, Lead UX Designer, shares what it really means to lead UX design.

Keeping design consistency in agile environments

How do you keep the look and feel of the product consistent in an agile environment without losing track? When establishing a business in the evolving market you need to be fast and to know your users. An iterative and systematic design process allows the team to get feedback from users as early as possible to inform and direct design decisions. Hanna Sandar, Product Designer at Collabary by Zalando, shares her insights into how to scale fast with iterative design processes.

“This community has great opportunities to network with other creatives” -Bernard Kearney, Digital Designer

London Design Lab hosted by BabylonHealth

Design Lab London took the community to the offices of Babylon Health where we sat in their tropical surroundings and enjoyed some brilliant conversation with their design team and over 100 designers.

Getting your team onboard with inclusive design

If you're passionate about inclusive design how do you get your team and company onboard? This is the story of Android Developer, Ataul Munim and what Monzo did to drive inclusive design and how you can do the same.

Designing for voice interface

As a voice designer, how do you assess the usability of a conversational interface? Steven Chang, a designer for Babylon Health shares his experience designing and researching voice and conversational UI. In this talk, Steve stresses the need for designers to understand how users naturally communicate in order to design the best possible user experience.

Designing without anayltics

What do you do when you don’t have any data to create great product design? Great question! Liam Carter-Hawkins, Product Designer for Babylon Health, shares three ways in which you can gain quick data to inform better product design decisions in his talk 'designing without anayltic'

‘I attend design lab to get inspired’ - Olga Kruglova, UX/UI Designer at Financial Times

And that’s a wrap for this month.


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