So, you have an idea for an app and you want to see if it's an idea worth pursuing? Before spending too much time and money, you want to be confident that your product will be a success in the world. You want to be sure that your service will deliver real value to consumers and subsequently, drive the success of your business.

What is Product Discovery?

At Novoda, we use structured workshops and research methods to guide our clients through the product discovery process. Where we seek market research, surface industry insights and analyse associated services and product offerings to better understand the market and competition. Together, we firm up business goals, explore market opportunities, surface consumer insights and user behaviours so that you can make more informed decisions - especially useful if you're looking for support or investment! Typically set over a three to six week period, this is an effective way to explore ideas, themes and theories in a collaborative team environment. Surfacing knowledge with people who really know their stuff, adding joy to the overall experience and setting the stage for collective, impactful decision making!

Who are Product Discovery Workshops suitable for?

Digital Product Discovery Workshops are especially valuable for individuals or businesses who are looking to better understand the market and explore how their proposition might fare in the real world. People or teams who want to take an evidence-based approach to decision making before making any big investments. This approach suits those who seek tangible next steps, detailed industry reports and expert guidance on decision making techniques to maximise the likelihood of success.

What does your Product Discovery Team look like?

Your team will be made up of experts from design, product leadership, engineering and key representatives from across your business. The wider the variety of participants, the more expert knowledge there is to be shared, allowing us to generate an array of ideas and opportunities, whilst keeping firmly rooted in the reality of delivery.

What does your Product Discovery Workshop entail?

Your Product Discovery workshop will be tailored to your needs, considering budget, time available, idea complexity and confidence in prior industry and consumer research. Together, we will explore your current position and design a workshop that perfectly suits your needs. Typically, the effort considers three primary areas: Initial Discovery, Product Definition & Prototyping & Testing.

Initial Discovery

  • Qualitative Discovery Study: Plan and conduct discovery interviews with target users to give you a deeper understanding of the product problem and user needs.
  • Quantitative Study: A quantitative study, like a survey, to bolster your qualitative insights and provide you with more confidence in the problem statements and product hypotheses.
  • Market Research: Conduct market research to provide insights to the latest trends, developments, opportunities, and risks for your product or service.
  • Benchmarking competitor products: Product analysis of competitors and identify areas of differentiation for your product or service.

Product Definition

  • Impact Mapping: Helps to align teams to business objectives, test mutual understanding of goals and expected outcomes with stakeholders, focus your team toward the highest value features to deliver, and enable collaborative decision-making.
  • User Story Mapping: User Story Mapping exercise to prioritize your product feature set helping to see the 'big picture' of your product.
  • User Journey: Visualising the experience of interacting with your product from the customer’s point of view. Laying the groundwork for meaningful interactions and successful business outcomes and a tangible framework for further customer experience initiatives.
  • Lean Canvas Session: Aims to provide you with an actionable and entrepreneur-focused business plan. Focusing on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages.
  • Product Vision Board: Laying out the whole concept of the product, including target users, user needs, product definition, and business goals.

Prototyping & Testing

  • Sample UI Screens: A set of sample UI screens for your product that can be used to show your stakeholders the direction of your product.
  • Clickable Prototype: Provision of an interactive visual prototype of the core feature of your product, a great tool to showcase how the user experience could function.
  • Product Vision Document: Collation of all the information gathered, sum up the results of our workshops, and write up of final recommendations for the next steps in the Product Vision Document.
  • Validate prototype with users: Conducting user tests with the prototype to bolster the confidence in the current designs and provide recommendations for future improvements.
  • Refined Clickable Prototype: Refining the current prototype based on the insights from the user tests to provide you with a user-validated version you can present confidently to your stakeholders.


We love that people choose to share their product ideas with Novoda, with the ambition to bring them to fruition. This exciting and integral experience is designed to guide you to make more informed decisions that will define the direction of your product, giving you confidence and a clear roadmap to pursue this idea further.

Ultimately, if you and your team are working as one, towards an aligned goal, it is more likely that all your efforts will be focused in the right direction and you'll get better results.

To learn more about our Product Discovery expertise and how we can support your business, get in touch. Let’s start the conversation, and see if this approach is right for you.