Open source is a big part of what we do at Novoda. A lot of our projects lean on the great work of others, but we also enjoy giving back.

Whenever possible, we like to take time and spin out some cool and useful stuff, so others can take advantage of what we've gone through already and build on top of it.

No dev is an island, entire of itself, every dev should be a part of the community, a part of the whole.

Over the years, we've released different types of content, from design freebies to libraries and whole applications, with some build plugins in-between. Whilst we strongly encourage our collaborators to contribute to our, and others', open source endeavours, we've always been open to and welcoming of external contributions too. We feel this is a great way to manage open source and the community has much more to gain by having as many interested parties involved as possible.

If a project is washed away, we're all the less.

These are only some of our dear contributors. Your avatar would look great here, wouldn't it?

If you head over to for a quick glance, you’ll find a nice overview of most of our public repositories. Go on, take a look.

See anything you fancy? Tried something and found an issue? Add it! If not, you’re more than free to pick any issue and get started with it. Plus, from the October 1st to the 31st, Github is running Hacktoberfest!


In case you haven’t heard, or read, about it already, Github and DigitalOcean are promoting contributions to open source projects and you get to win a cool t-shirt! By contributing with as few as four pull-requests you’re all set, but why stop there, right?

All contributions strengthen us, because we’re all involved in the community.

We’ve taken the liberty to tag some of the existing issues on our repositories so you can start right ahead. Check them out!
Here you can find a review of last year's event.