Last week our amazing designer Qi released a beautiful wallpaper as an happy holiday season wish from Novoda.
While the picture looks great on both desktops and phones, the Android framework gives us developers the opportunity to create something even more captivating and I started playing a bit with live wallpapers.

Enter Snowy Village Live Wallpaper.

I divided Qi's design in 5 different layers used to draw the background, in order to provide a delightful parallax effect when scrolling through the launcher screens.
On top of that a lovely sprinkle of snowflakes is falling, in order to increase the winter holiday atmosphere.
The project is based on Nick Howes' Android Parallax Wallpaper.

Did I mention that it's completely open source?
If you are curious you can have a look at

You can install Snowy Village Live Wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet from the following link:

Get it on Google Play
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