Android was once the domain of amazing utility at the expense of beauty. This has long been false and it is very disappointing how many designers fail to realise the amazing opportunities presented by today’s modern interfaces.

The Android design guidelines outline “Holo” which is a modern design language which celebrates the upmost utility in a minimal aesthetic. It is now essential for designers who wish their applications to be modern, relevant have any chance of appearing within the celebrated best or within Google Play's featured apps to recognise and adhere to the Android design guidelines.

All the slides are from the guidelines but you can also find them here: Holo. Android after ugly slides on Scribd.

Holo resources:

Handy tools to help “Holo-ing” out your apps:

Thanks to the Product Design Guild London for hosting the talk at the Google Campus on the 3rs Februar 2013. Thanks to Kevin for giving the talk as well!