We teamed up with Design Lab London, Design Lab Berlin and Foolproof, to share insight into keeping collaboration and culture alive and thriving in remote environments.

During a one hour webinar, Head of Design at Novoda, Leonie Brewin and Director of Strategy at Foolproof, Tim Loo, deliver two talks covering inclusive remote practises which can shape how your team and company collaborate, improve performance and culture - and why these aspects are so important to success.

🗣Talk one: Energising teams through remote collaboration

Collaboration is key to successful working environments. Through collaboration, you can increase knowledge sharing, improve transparency, enhance learning, better-align working efforts and as a result, improve the happiness of your team members. In this webinar, Leonie, Head of Design at Novoda will share some tips on making collaboration enjoyable and impactful in distributed teams. Key takeaways: The benefits, challenges and solutions for collaboration in virtual environments

Speaker: Leonie Brewin

Leonie is Head of Design at Novoda, a digital design agency based in Berlin and London. As a design leader, she has worked with organisations in the UK & Germany to advance careers and build meaningful digital experiences in the mobile space. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, she’s a firm believer in learning through collaboration in environments that promote career development with a healthy work-life balance.

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🗣Talk two: Practical tips to nurture and maintain distributed culture

If you contribute to company culture within your business, what should you be focussed on in these times? Tim provides tips for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Speaker: Tim Loo

Tim is the Executive Director of Strategy at Foolproof, one of Europe’s largest specialist experience design agencies. He leads their Strategy & Planning practice, developing and deploying their experience strategy framework, methodologies and expertise across a range of global clients. As a UX strategist, he currently works with global brands such as Virgin, Shell, Lloyds Bank and AXA XL. Tim is based in London, and is a regular speaker on UX strategy in the US, Europe and Asia.

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