As a Google-certified agency, Novoda is fortunate to have a close working relationship with Google and get early access to their new technologies.

When they approached us in 2016 to see if we would like to collaborate on a case study for their developer blog about our use of Firebase, we were excited about this opportunity.

The video focuses on how we used Firebase to identify new audiences, find out about user behaviour and monetise existing users for our client on the popular CCleaner app.

Firebase helped us to conduct A/B tests to optimise and validate our designs and fine tune the overall strategy for the CCleaner Android app. This enabled us to make the CCleaner app a better, smarter product, which has now had over 50 million downloads.

Watch the video to find out more about this project, Firebase and the Google Developer Agency program.

As ongoing partners, CCleaner asked Novoda to help them optimise their Play Store listing. We added emojis to the listing's short description and the results showed an increase in downloads of up to 20% in some countries. Read more about the Play Store emoji testing 🚀 here 🚀.