At Novoda, we love to share. So, in an effort to help everyone build better products on the Google Firebase platform, we hosted an open office hours hangout on 9 December. Anyone could join and ask questions on how we’ve found it so far and share their experiences with their own products.

Our background with Firebase

Over the last year or so, we’ve been lucky enough to experiment with Google Firebase on various projects. To find out what was possible with the Firebase platform we decided to build Smart TV apps using Firebase as the backend - not something that Firebase generally supports.
We’ve been impressed with Firebase’s ability to quickly fulfill product needs out of the box. Gone are the days of having to wait for backend teams to deliver functionality to allow us to run simple A/B tests. To create a unified experience for users, we wanted to power mobile apps and Smart TV apps using Firebase, allowing us to engage with users wherever they are, on any of their devices.

Where to watch

You can watch a video of the hangout on YouTube:

When’s the next one?

We’re going to host our next office hours hangout on Friday 20 January, which you are welcome to join to ask questions or share your experiences. We’ll be posting more details about the event in the coming weeks, so follow us on Twitter to stay updated and send us any questions you have.
Hope you can join us.