As events and community manager at Novoda I’ve had the opportunity to attend and travel to a variety of exhibitions and conferences. Most recent of these was MakeFest Liverpool. This was a particularly noteworthy event for me in 2015 for the following reasons:

It’s not all Android & apps.

I regularly attend Droidcon and other app focused events. MakeFest however had such a variety of exciting technologies - and non-tech but crafting companies alike. From autonomous drones, to augmented reality to masks of aliens at Doctor Who! I had a great time talking to people from a diverse range of industries and left feeling invigorated and refreshed.

The new generation.

Companies and exhibitors aside, one thing that caught my attention above all was the audience. MakeFest attracted local enthused and curious guests - including a large number of families. I found it incredibly impressive how many young children attended and how much they knew, understood and loved about technology. I met children who were coding their own apps at age 12 and parents who couldn’t keep up with them but supported them immensely. This left me feeling curious for what the future holds for our next generation (and motivated to up my game!)

Get out of London.

It was refreshing to be part of something outside of London - There is a tendency to get lost in a bubble when you live and work in the big smoke. For me this was a real eye opener into the amazing communities forming outside of London and around technology and enthusiasm in Liverpool. MakeFest showcased the variety of talent, innovation and creativity Liverpool has to offer.

For Novoda MakeFest was a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and get them excited about what we do. It also inspired us to get creative and build something we may not have done without this opportunity. Our Android developers; Paul and Connor worked together on creating a portable Android auto box (find a write up here) which took a lot of research and hands on graft, things they aren’t used to day to day writing Android software. Leading to a hard earned and well received piece of hardware, which we will now use at future exhibitions.

Overall a brilliant event to attend and be a part of - watch out for great things coming from Liverpool…