It's the first time I went to a mobile conference and after attending a great Mobiconf for sure it will not be the last! Keep reading for a summary of the most interesting talks and conclusions on the event.

About Mobiconf 2017

Mobiconf is a 2 day conference for iOS and Android developers, UX/UI designers and Product Owners. In general, I would say it's for everyone (at any level) interested in mobile related topics.

The 4th edition of Mobiconf took place on the 5-6th of October at Multikino in northern Cracow. There were 412 registered attendees from 20 countries attending 34 talks. Everyone had a chance to follow and participate in the presentations of three different paths of expertise - Everything Mobile, Android and iOS full agenda. I didn’t stick only to one of them as each had some really interesting presentations to see.

Talks from Day 1

From all talks I have seen, here are ones that have been most interesting for me.

I really liked the opening talk "The Future in Mobile" by Johan Adda ex-Apple UX Architect who has been presenting some tips for designing videos for social media in portrait mode. He also mentioned the topic of the security of mobile devices based on the recent face recognition feature for iPhone X. He claimed that in a near future we should start designing safeguards based on biometrics such as walking style or typing e.g. UnifyID.

Another amazing talk "Remote, lonely and productive" by David González, former Novodian, was about traps that can meet remote developers that work alone on the project. He explained tools, practices and approach to build the applications as effective as he would work with the team. Some of the tips were:

  • Run static analysis on your code.
  • Follow Android or iOS project guidelines.
  • Automate release process.
  • Have a separate room that you enter only when you work.
  • Or as simple as: do sports and meet with other people to not to feel isolated.

The third talk I liked during the 1st day was by Dimitris Kontaris (HSBC) titled "I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your question; The ambitious past, awkward present, and promising future of voice interfaces". Dimitris was talking about voice driven user interfaces and their usage in our devices, homes, wearables and IoTs.

Especially, I liked the example he presented how voice interfaces help people with disabilities presenting case of Todd Stabelfeldt.

Apart from really interesting talks, after the first day of the event there was Mobiconf 2017 Integration Party at B4 Club.

Talks from Day 2

First talk I liked the most during the second day of the event was about "Building UI Consistent Android Apps" by Nicola Corti (Yelp). He presented the problem of how easy the consistency of the UI across the applications and platforms can be broken and provided with some tips to maintain it. The crucial things to consider are:

  • To define style guide. He have an example of the style guide they created at Yelp.
  • To follow design guidelines provided by Android and Apple.
  • To create custom lint checks
  • To create tests that generate screenshots for the further verification.

Second talk by Mateusz Biliński ( was about the recent vulnerabilities found on the iOS platform and showing their impact. He also gave some ready solutions that everyone could take home and apply in real project such as upgrading AFNetworking library, that provides convenience functionality on top of Apple's built-in frameworks, to upgrade to the newer version than 2.4.1 as lower ones include serious security gap.

The venue and the whole organisation was really cool 👏.

Fresh coffee, squeezed juices and canapés welcomed attendees throughout the whole conference.

Fresh coffee station

Fresh juices station

For retro games and computers fans there were also some attractions prepared.

Retro games & computers
Retro games & computers2

I think some tips for next year would be that the conference could take place in a bit more central location. I would like to see a more diverse set of speakers next year, to get a more rounded view of the industry. Other than that I was really enjoying it!

Mobiconf 2017 highlights

See you next year at Mobiconf!