The Mobile UX London Conference (MUXL), founded by Naveed Ratansi has developed from a series of design meet-ups focussed on mobile user experience. The design team at Novoda were lucky enough to attend their third annual conference with a diverse set of topics spanning research, analytics and emerging technologies.

As well as an impressive lineup for talks, there were two workshops tracks deep-diving into chatbots, design strategy, innovation and expert critique techniques.

Our very own Alex Styl treated us to the Inclusive Design In Action workshop, highlighting the importance of environmental considerations in design. For a moment, we were a product team at an all-new radio start-up asking the questions What if a person’s hands are busy cooking? What if their eyes are focussed on driving? or What if they’ve left their headphones at home? This emphasised the reality that a disability is simply a mismatch between a person’s abilities and their environment.

Our highlights

To summarize all of the talks and workshops would be a lengthy read so here are some highlights from the team.

Qi Qu

I enjoyed every talk, workshop and moment I was in the MUXL, it’s great that people share their knowledge and experiences and we learn from each other. My favourite talk was given by Jan from Trainline, he talked about how to build a data driven product, one of his quotes was ‘The most important design work is often not sexy’ which I couldn’t agree with more, I believe design should have meaning, even for visual, especially in this agile high-velocity development environment.

Chris Basha

It was a day full of eyebrow-raising talks. I admired the way Airbnb interviewed users worldwide, from which there emerged a new dimension of user testing, coupled with the challenges of designing for this kind of audience. One of the most captivating talks was about storytelling through VR, which communicated it’s essence in a very enjoyable way. It was one of those things you wish you could experience again and again!

Leonie Brewin

It was great to see such a diverse set of topics at MUXL this year. Hollie Lubbock's talk on designing with data was especially interesting emphasising the need to use data to inform, define and measure the success of design. Talking of machine learning, she framed the machine as an 'essential member of the design team'.

Alex Styl

"It was a day full of design discussions and ideas around User Experience! I was really happy to see mature talks on conversational interfaces and data in terms of UX design.

The one that stood out to me was Stratis Valachi’s’ The Future of Conversational Experience discussing about the differences of Visual and Conversational Interfaces and how combining both can produce new interesting interface solutions. Overall, MUXL left me with lots of ideas to explore and interactions to investigate."

All-in-all, we had a great day! From the Design team at Novoda, thanks to all at MUXL Conference for organising a fantastic line-up and hosting a great group of design folk.