myhomescreen is a series of blog posts that shows off some of Novoda’s homescreens, highlighting apps we use and love, games we like playing, and sometimes our own small projects.

Ryan Bateman (Technical Product Owner): I like to keep my homescreen simple—no widgets and a simple, abstract wallpaper generated using a Muzei plugin I wrote called MuzeiColours. At the moment my gaming obsessions are Desert Golfing and Out There—a Sisyphean golfing experience and a sci-fi, roguelike, story-focused game respectively.
They’re both more fun than that makes them sound.

I've been testing out recently too as a way to find some live music gigs in London without booking fees. It's great, though the app itself is occasionally a little sluggish.

Dave Clements (Head of Design): I’m quite obsessive about space. I like my wallpapers to show as fully as possible (this one is of my wife on our wedding day). My usage of apps boils down to two different things: networking and research. So I actually very rarely have much more than the stock apps from Google Apps.

I actually have an HTC One but have Paranoid Android running and have a couple of alterations to the theme, one being the Lollipop system-bar icons and one being the latest Roboto Light for my font.

Volker Leck (Senior Software Craftsman): I have a folder for all the social apps I use, and one for all the Google services. Also, I keep shortcuts for Tasks and Gesture Search. I’m currently trying to pick up some French, so the Duolingo app is there too. As a wallpaper I use my own wallpaper, SliderLiveWallpaper.