myhomescreen is a series of blog posts that shows off some of Novoda’s homescreens, highlighting apps we use and love, games we like playing, and sometimes our own small projects.

Natasha Borsos (HR Manager): My home screen is like my life—a lot going on at once. I have a very varied job role—and am very active outside work, so I like to keep as many handy things on my home screen as possible. I have the weather displayed so when I wake up in the morning I can quickly plan my outfit based on what will be going on outside (Hat? Umbrella? Coat?).

I keep the apps I use most in folders. One for Travel (Google maps and City Mapper—which is probably my most used app), another for social media—Instagram / Twitter / Linkedin / Hipchat / Skype / Snapchat / Swarm. It sounds like a lot, but I manage several Twitter accounts and use most of these for work/events/networking regularly.

I also have a fitness folder—currently using Moves to keep track of how many miles I walk in a day—I prefer walking to tubes/buses when I can help it. Besides the folders I keep spotify handy (I listen to music everywhere I go) and my messaging apps. I am guilty of generally having a cheesey motivational quote in the background—a little reminder every day. ^_^

Sebastiano Poggi (Pixel Pusher): Like Ryan’s, my homescreen is my temple. No frills, few icons, and I use Muzei as well. I wrote a simple plugin of my own, too, that shows pics from Romain Guy’s repertoire. My poor Nexus 5 is undergoing some delicate restoration after an accident that left it shattered, so I’m on an even less-frills setup on my Moto G. The only widget I have is FWeather, which I wrote as well.

The folders I have don’t contain anything peculiar, with the exception of Whatsapp+, a customisable mod of Whatsapp that I’ve been using for quite some time. My Whatsapp looks almost fully Material.

Another app I use is Toshl, a really nice finance tracker. I found it to be the least cumbersome and most visually pleasant around a couple of years ago, and I stuck with it. The free version gets you enough to do your basic money math. The app and the website do need a fresh coat of paint after all these years, but it’s on its way.

Ferran Garriga (Senior Android Developer): Google Now is amazing so I have it on the top of the screen, Google Music on the bottom as I listen to music the whole day long, though I combine it with Spotify for mood playlists; plus SleepTimer.

I use Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling and British Airways apps for digital tickets (paper no more!), and Citymapper is amazing (it tells you which platform your train's arriving at and whether there are any delays).

For tracking news, I love Pocket, using it alongside the desktop Chrome plugin for saving websites for later reading. Along with Google Play Newsstand, Mashable, SmartNews (experimenting with it), TED and BBC News.

I use Sunrise as a calendar app, but I use the Cal (from widget.

Xperia Z3 for its amazing battery life and apt-x bluetooth codec and, as opposed to my previous Nexus 5, a reasonable screen size. I use the official Google Launcher instead of the Xperia one due limited use of folders in its latest version. I cannot wait for the 'L' upgrade early next year!