Novoda are proud to be one of four agencies in Europe to achieve Google certification for development agencies! In a world of design & development partners how do Novoda teams stand out?

Team Novoda at Droidcon

Since 2008 we have encouraged some of the world’s most active development communities such as Londroid, Droidcon and recently Swift London and NS London. Conference participation and Open Source contributions is part of everyones role and means we are always right in the thick of cutting edge mobile engineering. Novoda was born through attention to the best quality of process and delivery and the frustration of working with companies who with no development experience or in-house capacity could still choose the working practices of experienced diligent professionals. Novoda teams are Agile in the real sense. Pro-active, critical, exciting and experienced people who enjoy working together as the very best mobile teams in London, Berlin, Barcelona and Liverpool.

Our teams partnered with device companies like Sony, Motorola, Tesco & Silent Circle to ship innovative software which dares to ask how will this be different, better, more effective for it’s audience than what came before? What are the latest native platform features which make this a stand out experience?

We helped Media channels like Channel 4, MUBI, Arte, The Sun and The Times upgrade their Apps from ’good enough’ into rock solid cornerstones of their customer’s habits. Or helping identify whole new audiences and opportunities for their business via mobile such as with CCleaner, Soundcloud.

We are a proud bunch of Novodans who make these amazing products! Developers, designers, testers and product owners who have repeatedly had to figure out business value when dropped into crazy situations in random countries. Consistently against unfavourable odds, our great teams have assumed responsibility to conquer harsh deadlines of flashing golden master releases onto millions of devices in time for marketing campaigns to grace busses and TV screens. I speak for all the teams and to all our clients, now and in future to say it is an honour to be tasked with the responsibility of affecting millions lives through their most loved applications.

Our official Google Agency Program video below:
Novoda showcase video

Google Agency certified