Defining your product and what you expect from it can be as important as creating the product itself. It is what allows a company to align their strategic vision with short-term and long-terms results, allowing companies to reach their users and market in a more direct and clear way, instead of producing a product whose strategy is too general and ambiguous.

Lydia and Anna, Product Design Managers at Novoda, gave a talk at Codurance on the essential concepts of product strategy and the steps to a product definition, the key phases and importance of design thinking and the innovation value it adds plus research methods and tools to analyse the obtained information. We also learn about the huge value of clear communication and good practices when working with the rest of the team.

This talk provides an enriching and useful insight for companies and stakeholders looking for a more effective way of making their vision a reality and wanting to know more about the components of a good product strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Design Thinking isn’t just for designers. It’s for everyone involved in building software.
  • People are naturally protective of their ideas, it’s only human. But the design thinking process is about sharing ideas, transparency, and challenging each other's thoughts. More goodness comes out of that collaboration than running with an idea from one person.
  • A research approach during product definition can open up more user-centric opportunities and provide further team alignment and understanding.
  • Ensure there are opportunities to involve different disciplines through all the stages for an inclusive a holistic strategy.
  • Spend some time learning how to effectively give and receive feedback. It'll be easier to collaborate and mature your process.
  • Being a good storyteller is a superpower when communicating strategy. It allows you to clearly explain the journey in an engaging way while respecting others perspectives.

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