Over the course of a few months, various people at Novoda have experimented with technologies such as Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image Recognition and more. We've written a lot about these topics and wanted to gather all our blog posts in one place for your ease!


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Berta Devant, Chris Basha, Dimitris Karavias

Designing 3D models for AR apps (ARKit)

The guide begins with an introduction to designing 3D models and making sure they're exported in a proper way, ready to go into the AR app.

Getting Started with ARKit

Next, Berta Devant walks you through how to create a basic demo AR app which will allow you to use 3D models in an augmented reality environment.

Adding the finishing touches to 3D models in Xcode

Back to design, Chris Basha illustrates a few methods that will make your 3D models look as realistic as possible with a few lines of code.

Making AR more precise with CoreML

Berta talks about how we can identify objects in an AR scene through Machine Learning capabilites, without requiring specialised knowledge of complex frameworks.

What IS real? Augmented Reality Testing with ARKit

Dimitris Karavias explains the challenges and solutions he came across while performing UI and Unit testing to the AR app.

Feature photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash