Novoda and technology company Magic Lab come together to share their best advice along with tools and tips on remote environments and how to practice high performance with distributed teams in a one hour webinar for the Londroid community.

Experienced Android Developer at Novoda, Daniele Bonaldo and Engineering Manager at Badoo, Jairo Gonzalez, share insight into remote practices for individuals, teams and companies, which have been tried and tested to improve performance, culture and individual happiness.

With 12 years of remote working experience under Novoda's belt, and Badoo having to adapt from an in-person, in-office business model to adopting remote working practices quickly - this webinar covers two perspectives on how to implement the best ways of working.


Talk one: Tips and tricks for remote teams

Starting with one office, expanding to several countries and now with everyone working from home, the remote culture at Novoda greatly evolved over the years. In this journey, we learnt a few things about how to manage distributed teams. In this talk I’ll present some tools and procedures we adopt in our day-to-day work and that helped us improve our remote work.

Key takeaways: Important tools and practices to improve a distributed team day-to-day work

Speaker: Daniele Bonaldo

Daniele is an Android developer at Novoda. He’s passionate about photography and wearable technologies. Before working at Novoda, he worked at i’m Spa, an Italian startup where he had the chance to play with the Android platform while developing one of the first smartwatches on the market.

International conference speaker and Google Developer Expert, now he loves to work on everything related to the Android ecosystem, from Chromecast to Wear to smart mirrors.

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Talk two: Remote work in a company without a remote work policy

Last year, our processes in the mobile department at Badoo and Bumble were based on in-person, in-office communication. Interactions with the QA, product and other teams were far more complicated for those who had to work from home.

Despite that, we have decided to expand our mobile team to our Moscow office and I took this experiment on myself as I'm a true believer of remote work. This led us to deal with the specificity of distance and time difference. We adapted some processes and started changing some mindsets. I’m not going to say it was easy, but definitely it was worth trying. We are very happy with the outcomes so far. But in March, when everyone was forced to work from home due to the current health situation, we already knew this was possible and just needed to extend the best practices we had in my team to the whole mobile department.

I‘d like to share with you some of our processes and how we switched to a fully remote team keeping the high performance, in a company whose practices were really optimised to count on with people working in-place.

Speaker: Jairo Gonzalez

Jairo is a busy engineering manager based in London. When he's not leading different mobile teams, looking after his toddler keeps him on his toes. From his initial role as a full-stack engineer, he has over a decade worth of experience in social networks. He currently works at MagicLab, who is on a mission to create life-changing moments by building relationships through its apps, Bumble and Badoo.