XP, Agile and ambition are the founding principles of Novoda. Eight years ago we were certain and remain convinced that all three are required to deliver the products of the future. We are a passionate team who practice Software Craftsmanship and experiment with extending the notions of XP into workplace best practices, communication and community outreach.

In August 2008, Nokia E71 was the best selling phone, Android remained in Beta, and phones running Android were not yet publicly available. It was against this backdrop that Novoda focussed on satisfying a yet-to-emerge appetite for high-quality mobile software development. With only our fundamentals to guide us, we created a design brief which had the following excerpt:

The brand seeks to become a mark of excellence within the technology and wireless sector. These words should be in consideration in ideas interpreted from the logo:

  • Mobility
  • Connected
  • Geo location
  • Social interaction
  • Openness
  • Transparency

After an exhaustive search we found Roy Smith, a designer who was very patient in working with us to arrive at a trademark which described these principles. Roy’s portfolio demonstrated his ability to consistently achieve twofold meaning, conveying value in logo design aesthetically as well as through the subconscious. Here are some of the early rough sketches:

logo Sketches

Literal interpretation of our explanations served as a starting point. ‘Mobility’ was illustrated through radio waves and mobile antennas all incorporating ‘Novoda’. This was a good start but too limited in future scope, so we expanded the remit to more abstract avenues. One additional criteria was that whatever we arrived at had to work on small and large screens, with one or multiple colours, and for both digital or printed media.

We then took another tack sidestepping these problems by first exploring typefaces. We agreed quickly on a typeface which seemed simple, but were still stuck on how to convey the connected aspect. At the time our thinking revolved around geo-location (a good way to consider the empowerment of mobile) and so soon waypoints started appearing in our sketches.

logo evolution

The beginnings of something unique were emerging but the waypoints weren't integrated and the N felt secondary. It wasn’t until we’d explored a full range of negative space possibilities that we arrived at the answer.

Once you see it, you won’t be able to ‘unsee’ it. The journey of our logo is a story of simplification which like all evolutions seems obvious only in retrospect. But like writing a letter or creating the best software, it takes time to arrive at brevity. Our logo has held strong interpreted across mediums, small and large screens, online and even celebrated within printed collections!

Novoda are technologists with ambitions of creating our interconnected future. We take great pride in the challenge and opportunity of lending our technical knowledge to such a diverse range of industries. Our logo represents our journey.